Django, React, Python, & Linux Tutorials

Django, React, Python, & Linux Tutorials

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Django, React, Python, & Linux Tutorials.

Django and react are two popular technologies that can be used hand in hand to develop web applications and systems.Django web frameworks has been around since 2005 and react js was also developed in 2013. They 're a bit old technologies but still powerful and fun to play around. Django competes with other web frameworks such as Laravel web framework. React on the other hand competes with angular js.

Django web framework

👋Django is a web frameworkdeveloped entirely in python programming language. It follows the Model View Template (MVT) architecture. Django comes packed with features and ready to use components, plug and play staff. Examples are👋a template engine that uses jinja syntax and allows you to extend pages and inject python inside HTML, 👋a URL system that allows you to design elegant web addresses without any difficulties,👋a database ORM (Object Relational Mapper)that allows you to define your database schema in python code and geneate database tables using a magic command, python migrate,👋a view layer that comes packed with extensible view classes like the CreateView, UpdateView, ListView, TemplateView, and DetailView, 👋 a permission system that allows you to define access boundaries in your website,👋a ready to use dashboard that you can use for content management. It's also easy to add bootstrap 4 into your forms and templates using third part application like django crispy forms.

Django GraphQL API (Django Graphene)

GraphQL is a goto API query language for APIs. It is also possible to use graphql with django web framework using django-graphene. GraphQL has more advantages over the legacy API endpoints like REST and SOAP. It also provides complete description of your data all at once. We will using graphql in this blog whenever we want to create a blog.

React library

👋React is a frontend library. It is maintained by Facebook. React can be used to develop single page applications and cross platform mobile apps using react native. The power of react is in its ability to divide a web application into small and reusable components. A page is divided into many different parts that you can reuse on other pages. Many people are using react to power thier frontend. Facebook, twitter, instagram, codesandbox and many other web systems are using react because of it's power to simplify frontend development. React uses javascript XML (JSX) which is an XML syntax for extesion to javascript. With JSX, one can declare variable, attributes in HTML-like syntax.


Gatsby is a JavaScript framework for building blazing fast progressive websites and applications. It is based on React js which is a frontend library for building website and apps frontend. The websites are fast and efficient because Gatsby does not wait to build page on request, it pre-build the pages to improve server response time.

Why you should use Gatsby

  • Blazing fast website
  • Fetch your data from anywhere using the Gatsby GraphQL API
  • Build on top of latest and best web technolgies like React and GraphQL
  • Free starters or themes to choose from
  • Plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of your website
  • Best SEO results

Let's enjoy the blog.